Friday, May 18, 2007

Some really good stuff ...

Forgot to say in the last blog how good Smugmug is .... Mum won a Bi-Weekly challenge on the 'Zo and her prize was a pro account on Smuggy!!

They were sooooo helpful with the setting up - amazing - and everything is just so simple to use - the website interface is a piece of cake!! The templates are really cool to start with - and they are all customisable once you find something you like - and having a Java applet to just drag and drop your shots into the gallery you want is just heaven on a stick!!

I've been a bit cheeky - they also allow guest galleries - and I've fired one up for myself - may even do some investigating into trying to sell some prints!!

PS - This is NOT a paid endorsement *grin* it really is THAT good!!

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