Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ooh. I'm a designer!

My entry cunningly disguised as a t-shirt!


Yesterday entries closed in Redbubble's challenge to design a temporary logo for the site, to celebrate the imminent arrival of RB's 100,000th member!

Having done a t-shirt for TSR's logo challenge, which didn't really comply - it couldn't have any words other than Redbubble, I decided to use the design again - adding the original header for Redbubble with a bit of a tweak!

So anyway ... I actually came 6th (two tied for equal first) and my first thought was of a dear friend of mine who congratulates me every time I do something which takes me another step away from being a "bloody photographer!".

So there you go mate ... look at that!!


Danny said...

Another step away from being a bloody photographer.
too right!!!
Well done my dear and it was up against some strong competition too!

CathieT said...

Ah thanks!!

And congratulations on being the first person to comment on my blog.


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