Thursday, July 02, 2009

We love you Mr Baxter

There's a new kid in Redbubble Town.

His name is Rupert Baxter (but you may call him Mr Baxter), and I was first introduced to him via a "You've made a sale ..." email around March this year.

His title at that time was "Chief Officer of Giving You Good News"

Then a receipt appeared signed "Mr Baxter - Head of Numbers"

We knew very little about him at that time and then suddenly he appeared "front of house" his watch list containing only Jo O'Brien and his one piece of art being a tshirt proclaiming his relationship status (I must confess I'm a tad sceptical)

When Redbubble put him in charge of the Friday's Buyer's Booth winners, he became "Mr Baxter – Superintendent of Spotting Good Pictorial Efforts". Catching his eye and receiving one of these little suckers will earn you a RB Voucher!

Wednesday's "Picture of the Week" efforts are signed "Mr Baxter – Executive Officer of Writing Fine Words About Fine Pictures" festooned thus earning the recipient a Redbubble voucher.

It's little wonder that Boxter er, Baxter is gaining quite a following!

So if you want to keep the good news flowing - and have a giggle to boot, you could do far worse than adding Mr Baxter to your Redbubble watchlist by clicking on his picture below;

Or indeed follow his trail of good news all the way to Twitter - and follow him there .....

As usual, all pictures in this post are links - so click away!

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