Saturday, January 08, 2011

Society 6 and Quora

As many of you will now be aware, via my Facebook and Twitter postings, I have started adding work to Society6.

The main reason is the fact that I can now turn my photographs into iPhone and iPad covers and skins, and I’ve had LOTS of fun with these already.


It’s actually inspired me to start creating again, with reworks of Bonds of Love and Eyes.  The resonator is pretty much untouched!


About the same time that I decided to investigate S6, I was also swept up in the almost viral uptake of Quora.  Fascinating concept.  I liken it to Yahoo Answers with some credibility!

I’ve  already answered one question, and asked two – received a brilliant response to the first one about tweeting/advertising my art (most timely).

Hopefully that will explain some of the flood of artworks you’ve been subjected to in the last little while!

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