Saturday, November 19, 2011

Help find a “missing” Maestro

All theft is annoying, and causes inconvenience and distress.
This one, which was bought to my attention last night and again today on Facebook is utterly, utterly disgusting and pointless.
The young lady impacted here suffers from Cerebral Palsy (as did my late brother) and her DynaVox Maestro was stolen from the car in the backyard of her mum’s Hackney home.

It really wouldn’t be of much use to anyone else, but is a priceless communication tool to the young lady to whom it belongs.
If you find it dumped somewhere, or know of it’s whereabouts – please return it to the nearest police station. 


Jewels Smith said...

thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it xx

Anonymous said...

thats so sick, hope they find the persone whos responsible for this.

Cathie Tranent said...

UPDATE!! Sienna's Maestro has been recovered in a pawn shop in the western suburbs and the thief has been arrested.


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