Monday, August 25, 2008

The Joys of Social Networking (Part Deux)

While doing some housekeeping on here today, I was quite surprised to find that I have had a presence on Facebook for a year, and the big excitement at that time was that I had created a Tizme.

So, since then .....

Well - Mr Facebook has sold himself and become a squillionaire at some ridiculously young age - another fine case of "why didn't I think of that?" and the thing that is Facebook has just got bigger and bigger.

Amazingly, of the people that I grew up with, the only people I know on there are my mum (seriously), my cousin who is a few years younger than me and one bloke that I went to primary school with. I don't know what the issue is with the friends of my youth - perhaps they're too busy having real lives or maybe they're a little a-feared of the techolojony??

Me, I love it ... mostly as a promotional tool for my tshirts and photographs, but also because it sorta fits in with my preferred level of correspondence .... "Hi! ... you're still alive then" ..... nice puppy/kitten/kid ..... "How drunk were you??" .... and "You're going on holidays again??

In that time, I've started two groups - one for my "art" and one for old scholars of my primary school which was bulldozed a few years ago. That's where I found the bloke who was in my class, all the others in the group are mere babes in arms!

I've created an application - "Send a Cathie Tee" which would be a great tool if I could just work out how to put an actual link to the real tshirt - so if people liked it heaps, they may be inspired to buy a real one ..... a dismal failure ... I feel like the guys who invented WD39 and 6-UP!

Today I created a Cathie Tranent "Page" so that people could become fans, well probably more so I could get a much better interface for showing photos and I now have 5 fans! (even if one's me and one is me mum ...)

All this social networking is a wonderful thing, but I do wonder sometimes how much more time I would have for making art if I wasn't so busy talking about it?? ;P

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