Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Next Big Thing!!

Well I'd like to think so anyway ...

Over the last 12 months or so, I have been listening to a work mate excitedly chart the progress of his track racing son, James - through local competitions, then State titles, the Youth Olympics and finally National and Oceania Titles!

After achieving this lot:

1st U19 Time Trial Oceania Championships AUS
1st U19 Time Trial Australian Championships SA
1st Time Trial Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS
1st U19 Team Sprint Oceania Championships AUS
1st Team Sprint Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS
2nd U19 Keirin Oceania Championships AUS
2nd U19 Sprint Australian Championships SA
3rd U19 Sprint Oceania Championships AUS
4th U19 Keirin Australian Championships SA
4th Sprint Aust Youth Olympic Festival AUS

James has been selected to represent Australia in the 2009 UCI Juniors Road and Track World Championships .... in Moscow in August!!

So, I offered to design a tshirt for sale, to help fundraise. After coming up with a couple of less than exciting designs, I was inspired to appeal to my very talented friends to design and donate a design to the cause!

This was the result - an ever increasing stack of brilliant, bike-themed tshirts for your wearing pleasure!

If there's a design there that you would like to purchase, feel free .. and if there's one missing .. hey, why not design it and add it to the pile!!

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