Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Redbubble's Sound Competition!

Having received a not so subtle kick in the pants from a friend about not having blogged for a while, I shall redeem myself by flogging RB's latest bit of competition brilliance!

They have again teamed up with the good folks at Demo to offer designers the chance to have tshirts for sale in a prime window position in Demo's London store.

The competition has closed for entries now - and as I type this there are 9 days left to vote!

There are some amazing entries, all available for sale in the meantime.

I have entered with this;

I don't know how much correct form it is to canvas votes on one's blog, but it's my blog and I'll shamelessly self promote if I want!! /grin

Anyway, go check out the comp, enjoy the entries and vote hard ... (you can vote for more than one entry btw).

The post header is a link to the voting!

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