Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just when you thought ......

.... it was safe to come back and that all the hoo haa about Wired from Birth had settled, the aforementioned cotton actually hit the timbers at Demo!

Yeah, I know I came second - but it is my blog you know!!
(L to R Diesel Law's Music Head, Ine Spee's Whistling Boy and you know what!)

Real live people photographing Ine's Whistling Boy in the front window!

Aforementioned Whistling Boy on hangers (as befits the winner!)

Nick Ford's Hard Roctopus and the massively large taggy goodness with all the details.

According to the Count of Cotton, Sultan of Stitch and all round tshirt guru onetonshadow, we are all going to hit mannequins just like Scott's AudioHive - Electric!

I would also like to extend massive thanks to onetonshadow for allowing me to hijack his photographs for my blog.

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jumpy said...

Awesome, really really awesome. All the tees look so dang hot.

Congrats again to you Cathie xx

Danny said...

I couldn't find the comments book last week now I have.
Congrats again missus.
Fame is on your doorstop.

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