Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tweeting Tees

After being inspired by The Guardian Newspaper's April Fools Day joke (they told everyone the paper was closing down and all news would be broadcast via Twitter) I was inspired to create these tees!

Not headlines, but movie quotes.

This came first:

Followed closely by this:

And while we're there:

And then finally, my personal favourite ..... this:

Stay tuned - I'm sure I haven't flogged the concept to death just yet .... and as usual - click on the blog header to be taken to my website to buy your very own!


janezlifeandtimes said...

very clever. Did you see the Opera stories in 140 characters?

and no your blog doesn't look boring.

janezlifeandtimes said...

hey I couldn't sleep last night for making these things up. I will post on my blog and link to yours. Let me know if you want to T shirt any...
Jane (again)

stephen said...

Love the shirts. You should put a link back to the page on Redbubble so that people can look at them on different colour shirts, and then buy them!

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