Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Things I Like About Me

After reading's Jordan's blog which was inspired by reading Definatalie's blog, I have decided to have a crack at the interweb's newest mini-meme!

It's easy for most of us to find something to criticise about ourselves - but a list of things you like
about yourself is bound to take a little more work!

So here goes - my time starts, NOW!

  • I'm a great repository for stuff that you didn't think you needed to know. (Great skill for winning quiz shows!)
  • I'm enthusiastic - if I'm involved in something I give it my all.
  • I'm friendly - very rarely bite, and think I get on with most people.
  • I take the odd half decent photo, and have designed a few not bad tshirts!
  • I'm generous with my time and talents. (Read: I do a lot of stuff for friends for nothing)

Phew - halfway there .... this is hard work!

  • My need to know "stuff" - see point 1 actually. (Google is my friend)
  • My sense of humour.
  • My loyalty to my family be they the real ones or my bestest friends.
  • My optimism - I a half full kinda person (hic)

Ugh - that's nine ... close enough ..... ooh - hang on .................. drum roll please ..............

  • I'm NOT a perfectionist - but I do try hard!

So now - tradition decrees that you sail off and write your own list - or if not - add the things you love about you as a comment here.


Jordan Clarke said...

Well done!

Jo said...

You can only do your best! (Has that been said before? - LOL)
KEEP trying. Well done, getting the 10.
I feel motivated.

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