Friday, February 29, 2008

Look at this!!

Woot - this is the "popular" page for RB as we speak .... not one, but both of the Malborough Lisa T's on there!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little self flogging!

I did say I would be back soon, and I am.

I am currently one of the co-hosts of the Redbubble group known as A.R.S.E (Artists, Riters, Snappers and Extracting the Piss!)

The group began it's life as the Parody, Satire and Lampoon group, but soon evolved into something well, more evolved!

One of the member's was shocked to find that there was a guy on blatantly ripping off one of Lucan's tees - along with some others, and so en masse the group had at him, and also complained through all the right channels to Zazzle management.

This led to the gentleman (loose term) removing more than half his word, and ultimately to the closing of his account.

Then - after finding (sort of Flickr) for tshirts, we spread the word amongst the group, there were some others doing the same and all seemed great. Not only could you upload links to your own works, but also links to others.

A few days in - the admins of the site decided to stop accepting submissions from POD sites, such as Cafepress and others (including RB) - obviously drowning under the sea of crap from those who put stuff on a shirt just because they can - with little or no thought as to its actual artistic merit.

So then the onslaught. Jumpy and Ninja Steve had a very interesting conversation about tacos - I tried to sound righteously indignant - and Nat went straight to the top with a well placed email or two to their admin. Kathleen decided to stay and be a thorn in their sides!!

Nat also had the rather good idea of involving the Count of Cotton (onetonshadow) our illustrious tshirt guru Redman ... and filling him in on the whole saga - Rumplo was implying that the quality of POD product and art couldn't be as good as that of the inde designers and manufacturers .... So the saga continues ..... see the link here to keep up with it as it happens!!

Mission: Rumplo

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah .. I knew it would happen

Well, as you can see, it's been quite a while since I updated this, but there has been much going on in between - not to mention Christmas, New Year, kids back to school et al ......

Lots of new tshirty stuff happening - not too many photos though!

Thank goodness for the widget in the top left hand corner ... at least IT's up to date with the newest shirts.

As you can see from the time this was written, the middle of the night is not conducive to coherent thought ... although I can manage the odd vector!!

Promise to upload some pics of the newest shirts, some of other people's brilliant stuff that I was able to get with my $200 RB voucher AND the reno on the bedroom wall!!

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