Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The List Meister Rides Again

Hey Tshirt designers ….
Andy Bowness (the blogger extraordinaire behind HideYourArms has just launched a new site.
Called surprisingly (or not) T-SHIRTBLO.GS it’s aim is to provide tee bloggers with more traffic, designers with a comprehensive list of tshirt blog sites to advertise their wares, and to give tshirt buyers a new range of sites to chose from.
Although it’s ranked by user vote at the moment, it will eventually rank blogs by their GooglePR, Alexa and Technorati rankings as well.
One amazing feature, is that if you have a blog, you can add it yourself .... get your friends to vote - and voilá there you are for all the world to see!
There is one feature I would like to see .... a vote this blog down feature... eh Rumplo?

Check it out!

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