Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ph.Art (no joke) Gallery

First up - hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2009 is shaping up well for you!

So now that the social niceties are out of the way, to the business at hand.

As many of you will know, once I found Redbubble, my participation in other internet photography sites frittered away to almost nil.

Early in December, I was told about a site which managed to pique and hold my interest!!

It's Ph.Art Gallery and although the name is guaranteed to bring out a snigger, the concept and the art itself is deadly serious.

The site offers canvas and framed prints, with a buyer selected configuration of matte styles, colours, frame styles and colours, glass or perspex and two types of quality paper.

There are three galleries to which you can upload your work - the private gallery to share with friends and family via email invitation only, the Public Gallery, and the most intriguing .. the Collector's Gallery, with those work available only as Limited Edition runs of 20 prints available exclusively through Ph.Art.

The works are all submitted for review before they are added, which includes an appeals process should a work you feel worthy is rejected.

Another intriguing aspect of the site, and one which will have the search engines smiling (do searchbots have a sense of humour?) is that the commission is based on a sliding scale ... the more information, keywords, story or other relevant information you provide, the higher the rate of commission you receive when it sells! This is great incentive for the artists, provides a little back story for your clients, and optimises the site's searchability!!

As you can see, there has been a lot of thought put into this .... and there are some pretty amazing artworks up already - even though the site only launched in beta in December! And yes, like all good online art sites there is a forum too - with the facility for tutorials and the like being added over time! I won't give away much more .....

Oh and by the way they give great competitions!! Do a search on Ozicon when you wander over for a look. :)

And as I said in a forum post on RB, the two sites are different enough that I'll cheerfully stay on both!!

PS. You'll find me and my photographs here

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