Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Connor’s Sprout Cooking Class



Most of you know that the last school holidays were very very ordinary from Connor’s point of view, (because of my hospital stay)  so we have made a concerted effort to make it up to him these holidays.


One of the “treats” for these holidays was a two hour “Kid’s Quick and Healthy” cooking class conducted by Sprout (a collaboration between Masterchef series two runner up Callum Hann and practicing dietician Themis Chryssidis).




The participants were given their recipes for the session, (a main course and dessert)  some guidelines and then Callum demonstrated preparing each dish before sending the kids to their areas to make their own.








The class was a perfect size, ten or twelve young people, who worked in pairs and in the spacious environs of Immanuel College’s Home Economics room, Callum and Themis had plenty of room and opportunity to  move between the “teams” giving hints and tips or just checking on the progress of each dish.






The “sit down” component of each dish allowed discussion around possible replacement ingredients, nutritional information, and serving suggestions – all delivered in a really informative chatty way which Connor really seemed to appreciate.





The chosen recipes are healthy, easy to prepare, plate up beautifully and yet are simple enough that we’re turning the kitchen over to Connor tonight ….. he’s cooking tea!!










I would definitely recommend the Sprout school holiday classes to anyone with budding chefs, class details (including the adult classes) are all on the Sprout website.





You can follow them on Twitter here or find their Facebook page here, or just drool over the Poached Pears that we’re having for dessert!






Me …  I’m off to fish out my cravat …………………….

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