Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ooh. I'm a designer!

My entry cunningly disguised as a t-shirt!


Yesterday entries closed in Redbubble's challenge to design a temporary logo for the site, to celebrate the imminent arrival of RB's 100,000th member!

Having done a t-shirt for TSR's logo challenge, which didn't really comply - it couldn't have any words other than Redbubble, I decided to use the design again - adding the original header for Redbubble with a bit of a tweak!

So anyway ... I actually came 6th (two tied for equal first) and my first thought was of a dear friend of mine who congratulates me every time I do something which takes me another step away from being a "bloody photographer!".

So there you go mate ... look at that!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You have succeeded.....

Every now and then, a tshirt comes to your attention that is so simple, so well designed and with such a meaningful message, that you wonder why someone didn't think of it before.

Today, I saw one such shirt.

By the amazing Lucan Industries Unlimited (to give him his full title) it follows closely in the footsteps of this:


Certainly no exponent of the large eyed cute and cuddly bunny/creature/monster tshirt, His Lordship (for short) elevates the use of typography on clothing, quite often handwritten, to a whole new level.

Other works satirise our consumerist society, the women we put on a pedestal and strange and meaningless design trends.

To paraphrase that much abused and hackneyed phrase ... Do yourself a favour and check out Lucan Industries Unlimited at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

London Calling - Vote NOW!!

With over two hundred amaaazing entries, Redbubble's fabulous London Calling challenge has become "the" place to see some of the most amazing t-shirts on the interwebs!!

My muse, unfortunately was on holiday - obviously somewhere like Octamocktie (wear the fox hat ..) and I didn't come up with anything half reasonable to enter ....

But never mind .... go have a look for yourself ... and hey, if you're an RB member have a vote or two!!

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