Saturday, September 20, 2008

Redbubble Calendars


RB have kept another promise, and have delivered calendars able to be sold to the public in time for the calendar season.

RedBubble calendars are printed on an HP Indigo 5000 press. Each page is a satin-coated prints on 170gsm high quality art paper. The cover shows your choice of image on heavier 300gsm paper. Your calendars have a hanger and white wire binding.

RedBubble calendars are satin-coated prints on high quality art paper. They’re A3 size (that’s 297x420mm, or 11.69x16.54")

I've got a couple up already, the first, Vintage, old buildings, planes and cars ....

The second, Bloke, a little bit more of the same with some an old shed, cars, and some good Aussie bush!

Stay tuned - there may be some more to come

Edit: Indeedy there is another one now ..... called "Old Friends" it shows just a fraction of my teddy bear collection .. in my younger wilder days I was a dedicated arctophile!!

As always - clicking on the pictures will take you through to Redbubble to purchase these by the thousands!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wat is Art?

No, it's not a typo - it's a great blog blogged (that is grammatically correct isn't it??) by Tania Rose!

Like me, Tania is a member of Redbubble, and she has fired up WIA to showcase some of the amazing talent on the 'bubble with interviews and samples of work.

Tania Rose has also made a "feature" of the header of the blog - and I am proud to say that at the moment, the header was designed by me ... (following in the footsteps of one Soxy Fleming!)

So, clink on the post title above to slide on over - look at my lovely header (/grin) and check out some of the amazing talent on show.

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