Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's No Such Thing As A Silly Question

Has always been one of my most used expressions - and now it's a book - a really, really helpful book.

To give it it's full title:

There's No Such Thing As A Silly Question

A practical guide for families living with a
child with chronic illness, disability, mental
illness or a life-threatening condition

This is a marvellous FREE book (or downloadable PDF) published by the Woman's and Children's Hospital Foundation for parents who find themselves with a seriously sick kid.

Based on a similar Victorian publication, the book has all kinds of really useful information - but it's not a dry, dusty list of agencies or specialists - it's a whole lot more.

The publication includes sections such as: ‘Where do I begin?’, ‘Going into Hospital’, ‘Who Will Help Us in the Community’, and ‘How to Give Life Balance’. There is also a handy glossary and lists of publications, resources and services included.

In easy to find chapters, it deals with so much that you need to know -  ranging from pre-diagnosis to palliative care for your child - and everything in between.

Written in plain English it's sprinkled with quotes and tips from other parents who have dealt with the same situation - for example:

“Access and set up a website for your child. If treatment is intense and/or long it will save you having to repeat yourself numerous times to everyone wanting to know how things are going - they can just read updates on the website. It saves time and often - your sanity!”

(Kimberlee – parent)

It covers an amazingly wide range of information - things like getting a second opinion, setting up a care plan for your child right through to financial considerations and maintaining some semblance of "normality" for yourself, your partner and of course, your other children.

At 120 pages, it's no lightweight pamphlet - but hey - the subject's no lightweight matter either!

I haven't had anything to do with the creation or publication of this book, and we're blessed with two pretty damn healthy kids, but it's just such a wonderful idea I wanted to help spread the word.

Besides - it reminds me of one of my other favourite sayings .....

You don't have to know everything - just someone who does!!

To organise a hard copy of the book:

Email: nosuchthing@wchfoundation.org.au 

Phone: Jane on 8464 7900.

Or hey - you could even consider donating to the Foundation here:

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